Valentine’s Day XOXO

So Valentine’s Day is officially 16 days away! Can you believe it?! The year is already zooming by, and I’m still here trying to remember to write 2018 not 2017… Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be this crazy, stressful day where you drive yourself or your partner nuts on where to go. Or which crazy restaurant to book reservations at 3 months prior to… w h at ?!

Valentine’s can be any cozy, cute, fun, crazy, adventurous, day you want it to be. It’s a personal thing with you and your gf, bf, wifey, hubby, friends and family! Dressing for Valentine’s Day is really dependent on you and your personal style. Some hate the color pink or even red, so you do you girl! I LOVE red so any excuse to wear it more, I’m in!

Do you have your #ootd ready for Feb 14th?! If not, don’t worry I got you covered and have been hovering over the internet to find some cute pieces for every date! Whether you’re doing a girls brunch, dinner with bae, beach day, etc there’s endless options for you. Below are some amazing pieces from a few of my favorite brands, enjoy!












If you’re looking for a little more of a high street, designer look. Who What Wear offers some fab-u-lous options! There’s a wide range of styles and price points listed, so go ahead and take your pick! I’m currently obsessing over these three below…  Check these babies out!


Mcqueen dress

You can find this sexy Alexander McQueen number here



I mean can we all take a second and just appreciate the floral love in this dress?! I’m obsessed with it! You can pair this with an awesome pair of sexy strappy heels, or go with a more simple sandal. You can find this darling Proenza Schouler here.




You can never go wrong from a classic D&G dress, especially in red!


I hope you guys got some great inspiration from my finds for this V-day. I did a bit of shopping myself from Revolve, that red jumpsuit is a MUST have and you can wear it so many times all year long!


Happy Monday loves!



5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day XOXO

  1. These outfits are absolutely adorable! I’m definitely going to be stealing some ideas and might copy them completely hahaha!

    Ps I love that you’ve mentioned where the outfits are from so your readers can go on to finding them easily!

    I’ve recently posted a blog about my outfit for a full day out which I think you might be interested in, so feel free to pop over to my blog and check it out if you want ❤

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    1. Aw thank you SO much love! I appreciate your kind words a lot! I’m glad you found it helpful to find the links. I too love easily finding pieces so figured why not do it for my readers and make life a tad bit easier. I will definitely be checking our your blog as well, I love that you do beauty reviews and posts.

      Have a great night 🙂

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