Faux fur-enzy!

fauxfur by Arhaus Furniture

Faux fur has been a special treat to fashion for many years now. But! It’s finally becoming a more popular option and style. You can literally see faux fur everywhere these days, it’s quite fashionably hot or shall I say haute! Faux fur used to be seen as a less desirable option years ago, and was mainly worn by vegans. With today’s day and age of knowledge and new technology, many people are saying buh-bye to real fur and going f-a-u-x!

I personally am ecstatic about this and have loved so many brands that use faux fur instead of real. With so much great technology and advances in creating these synthetics, nowadays you can barely tell a part a faux from a real fur. That’s why many brands (with still some supporting real fur, shame) have made the switch over.

Prada back in 2007 was one of the firsts to take a charge towards the synthetic movement. Ms. Prada herself claimed she was ‘bored’ with real fur and in her 2007 Fall/Winter collection she put tons of faux fur in there. Many people couldn’t even tell the difference! PETA Europe was so excited over this that they sent Miuccia Prada a bouquet of roses. Anna Sui has been fully embracing the faux fur look for a couple of years now. She has some amazing pieces with her unique twists to all things faux. Check out her Fall Winter collections, they’re gorgeous. 


Chanel also supports the faux fur movement! Master of haute couture, Karl Lagerfeld said “You cannot fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur” Go Karl! In 2010 he surprised all his guests at his Ice Wonderland show in Paris with faux fur on everything! From coats, to separates, bags, boots, you name it. See all the gorgeous pieces from the collection here.


I’ve linked some of my favorite brands and their faux fur coats and vests that are super popular this Fall & Winter!


These two beauties are from Free People and they have AMAZING VEGAN coats and jackets!! They have some great options for under $200, so you don’t have to go broke trying to look cute.


H&M also has some amazing coat options, whether it’s a long, cropped, feathery, puffy, furry coat you’re looking for. I personally love the feathery and printed styles!


Oh and ladies, don’t forget your faux fur vests! I’ve linked these cozy and stylish ones from Nordstrom and some are even on sale!! Get it girl. Great as a gift for loved ones, or yourself duh.

I want to buy all colors, and prints!! Let me know what you guys think, are you into faux fur? And if so, fur coats or vests? I prefer coats, they suit me better than a vest. Happy Saturday loves!



Hats, caps and more hats!

Hats, caps and more hats!

It’s finally cooler here in LA, and temperatures have dropped to digits that we haven’t had in a LONG time! Although, compared to the east coast this weather isn’t cold, but it’s a blessing from the triple digits we had! While I’m a huge lover of the sun and summer heat, I will confess that it is nice to be able to open the window and get a refreshing breeze. I also forgot what it was like to be able to layer, rather than trying to find the lightest t-shirt or dress to throw on and not melt away in.

One of my newest obsessions this year and season, is hats! While I do love a lot of different styles, my main one at the moment is the Cabby hat!! I’ve mainly heard them being called Cabby hats growing up, but they go by so many names all over the world! So depending on where you come from/are used to, you may call them Baker boy caps, Flat caps, Fisherman hats, Newsboy hats, Poor Boy hats, and more. You can literally google it and see how many different names there are for this gorgeous and versatile cap.

I love following trends and always getting a good find/deal on any piece I own. I’m a sucker for new styles, whether it has embellishments, embroidery, or some cool effect to it. I’m sure there are more out there like me, right? Check out some of my favorites below! I’ve linked four of my favorite brands caps and they’re all so cute and on trend!

  1. FOREVER 21


These Forever 21 options are all such cute cabby’s!! I personally love all the red and maroons were seeing this season. Don’t you?! These are all so affordable and on trend, they’ll dress up any outfit you wear. Most are even under $20 which is fabulous compared to some that I’ve seen higher up in the $100-$250 range, which for me is a bit much for a hat. Each hat is made of different materials and some are a combination of polyester, wool, nylon, cotton, etc. Find these adorable cabby’s here!



Urban Outfitters has some adorable caps, which on their site they call Fisherman caps! Their caps are a bit pricier than the Forever 21 options, but they are just as fabulous and hit the trend spot on! I mean look at that mustard!! The mustard cap (bottom left) goes for $42.00 and also comes in a cool grey (top right) Most of these styles are of wool and polyester combinations, and you can spot clean them! Haaay. Check them out here!

       3. ASOS


Asos is one of my top favorite shopping sites. I mean who doesn’t love a late night of scrolling through hundreds of amazing pieces and drooling over everything your heart desires. Maybe there’s a glass of wine included in this activity as well, maybe. Scrolling through their styles, I did notice some were a bit pricier than most caps I’ve seen. But! They do have some options that are lower, starting around $19 and go up to about $72. I personally love anything red or that awesome olive green you see on the bottom left. They’re obviously so popular for Fall/Winter. Find these styles and more right here!

       4. MACY’S


My final brand is, Macy’s! Macy’s has some amazing, detailed styles of these caps. They have great color options and styles for Fall and Winter. Some of the brands featured in my collage are Nine West, and August Hats. They range from different brands and prices, but some go for about $20-$30 which is great for staying on budget and still looking stylish without breaking the bank! What’s even better about their prices is that they currently have a sale going on with special savings on most styles AND you can even use the code ‘SAVEBIG’ for an extra 20% off! How great is that?! The sale ends 11/12/17 so get shopping! You can find these fab pieces here!

I hope you guys enjoyed some of my finds, and are drooling over them just as much as I am! I have been obsessing over these caps for a long time now and they’re very on trend this season. I remember even up until about a year ago they were very male driven in fashion, and in the British culture. But! Now they’re moving to women’s fashion in all shapes and sizes and I’m absolutely loooooooving it! Many are under $20 which is such a grea find for an awesome staple piece this season!  I wish I had all the money in the world and closet space to buy them all! Don’t you?! Let me know what you guys think below in the comments.



Oh hello there!

Hello there loves! Here it is, my own blog with this name that I have spent so much time brainstorming and contemplating. I guess I should start off by introducing myself to you so you can get to know me a bit better. My name is Stephanie, hence why this is the Adventures of S, get it? heh. I’m going to give some fun facts about myself, who I am, what I’ve done and what fun stuff you can expect from me!

I used to blog many years ago, but with a whole different name and story. I used to do a lot of designing and created bracelets/jewelry. So for that I had my own website, blog, Instagram and Twitter pages. It was great and so much fun while I was finishing off fashion school. I went to FIDM here in Los Angeles, and creating jewelry was a fun hobby I enjoyed until after graduation when I went into working retail full-time. I graduated with my degree in Visual Communications, which is my favorite major ever! I learned such a huge variety of skills like graphic design, fashion styling, trend forecasting, window displays, visual merchandising and more! I feel like within those 2 years I literally learned 4 different majors and it was perfect when I went into retail and eventually became a manager of my own store! I LOVED having my own store, my own space where I got to customize and lead my own team. Visual Merchandising was one of my all time favorite things to do, it still is actually. I loved getting in the newest season collections and using style guides to design the floor with everything beautifully merchandised to perfection. Surely soon enough I started working full-time in retail, all day every day. Retail and my job took over my life and any free time I had. I became addicted to learning and growing as a person and a manager.  When I did have a couple of hours after work, all I wanted to do was eat and go to bed. I was exhausted and drained after each day but I felt so good and productive because I knew the things I did that day benefited the store and team.

estee hard work

So, after taking some time off from all the craziness and closing down my old pages and blog I couldn’t stay away any longer! I have always had a HUGE passion for fashion and the industries’ impact. As a kid I was obsessed with clothes, jewelry, pretty much anything related to fashion. At 5 years old I’d be modifying and creating new clothes for my Barbie’s from extra fabrics and toilet paper. I’d be cutting and coloring their hair in all sorts of funky ways to create looks that I simply had in my mind. My parents told me they already knew by that age what a fashionista I’d grow to be, lol. Sure enough, fashion school was the only choice for me after high school and I had no doubt about it.



As I continue to grow and write this lovely blog of mine, you’ll get to know me and some of my passions better. I’m so excited for what’s to come and share it with you all! I created my Instagram page before I got the time to round-up my blog so please go ahead and check me out @adventures.of.s I post about my every day adventures whether it’s grabbing my favorite, a cup of coffee, shopping, my ootd, yummy food, and any other fun events that happen in my day-to-day life. So click that awesome blue ‘follow’ button and let’s be friends! I love meeting and connecting with new people, especially friends from the LA area. So don’t be afraid to send me a comment or DM, let’s connect! Have a beautiful day, and if you’re in LA enjoy this cooler-gloomy weather!